A while back, we visited a reputed car dealer to purchase an SUV.
After hearing the salesperson out about the features and looks of the car,
our first reaction was to know the price.
While naming the price, he specifically said that the price was
decided by the company and he couldn’t do anything to offer us a discount.
This incident got us thinking, as to how big companies which buy vehicles in bulk,
get huge group deals or discounts, while individual customers like us
have to pay the full price for the same vehicle with the same features?

At Crowdpooler, we are a bunch of young enthusiastic people
who believe that the customer should always have the power to get the best deals.
While individually buying a sedan or SUV or hatchback,
customers lose out on the great deals others get for bulk vehicle purchases.
The best way to make sure that everyone gets to buy their dream car,
at the best price, is by creating a transparent, efficient, and user-friendly
platform that can bring together everyone who is looking to buy a car.
A place where you can come as individual buyers and join other
likeminded buyers in your city to get the best group deals on the best vehicles.
That’s how Crowdpooler was born.

Our Vision is simple: ‘Don’t be greedy.’
Our Mission is even simpler: “To ensure that our customers get the best group deals without any hassles.”

We hope you find your dream group deal on our website.

Team Crowdpooler