How to beat the traffic in Bangalore

bangalore traffic

For any commuter in Bangalore setting out to reach his/her office on time in the morning, the commute is mostly nothing less than an adventure. You don’t know what is coming next, and you never know when you will be stuck on the road for hours, only to find out later that it was all because of some random guy who banged into another guy’s new car or bike in front of him. But, beyond all the doom and gloom, there’s still hope. There are a few simple tips anyone can follow to beat the rush hour. Here are a few of our favourite (read ‘legal’) ones:

Early bird takes the open road

It is always better to set out early towards your workplace. We are talking 8am early. Have a healthy breakfast, hop into your vehicle, and chances are that you can cruise all the way to office without having to wait your turn at the traffic signal. Leaving home early also means that in the evening you can leave office before the evening rush hour begins.

Electric cycles to the rescue

Commuting to your office in your new car in Bangalore might seem all sunshine and rainbows at first, but sooner or later the drive starts to get a bit irritating because car owners are the first ones to get stuck in a jam. One great solution to this could be an electric cycle. These things can be charged like your smartphone and pretty much work like a motorcycle minus the fuel tank and of course the maintenance cost. In case you reach an unending pileup, all you need to do is pick up the cycle, put it on the footpath, and make your way out of the jam and reach your destination on time. Most new electric cycles yield almost 30 kms on a single charge. If your daily commute is more than that, then you can always use some pedaling power to get back home. Reaching on time, plus the health benefits of cycling. Now, that’s what you call a double whammy.

Use google maps

This one’s the simplest of all. The maps app on your phone is a great way to understand the traffic patterns in real-time. Make it a habit of using it before stepping out. The app even suggests alternative routes in case something is wrong on your usual way to office. Try it, because for me personally it’s nothing less than magic.

Pay attention to traffic police

Now, this might come as a surprise to many. Traffic cops on any given day know more about the city’s traffic than you. Stopping when instructed to, or not taking the left turn where there is a temporary barrier, are just some of the ways in which you can reach your destination on time. For car and bike owners alike, traffic policemen are here to help and we recommend you always follow the instructions they give on the road.

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